21st Century Literature from the Philippines and the World
2D/3D Digital Animation
Accounting for Non- Accountants
Accounting Information System
Accounting Research Methods
Advanced Database Management Systems
Advertising 3
Animation NC2
Application Lifecycle Management
Applied Economics Exam
Application Dev & Emerging Technology
Art Appreciation
Art Man And Society
Auditing and Assurance Concepts and Application 1
Automata Theory and Formal Language
BFIN Sources
Biological Science
BL-THC-6141-LEC-1933T Risk Management Applied to SAF
Business Ethics with Social Responsibility and Governance
Business Law and Taxation
Business Laws and Regulation
Business Plan Implementation 1
Business Plan Implementation 1 (Product Planning and Market Analysis)
Business Statistics and Probability
Capstone Project 1
Calculus 1&2
Capstone 1
Capstone 2
CCNA1 v7.0: ITN Practice PT Skills Assessment (PTSA) Answers
Cloud Computing and Internet of Things
Compilation of Programming WEEK-1-TO-10
Computer System Servicing NCII Reviewe
Computer Architecture and Organization
Computer Programming 1
Computer Programming 2
Conceptual Framework and Accounting Standards
Cost Accounting and Control System
CPA Programming Essentials in C plus plus
CPP Advance Programming C plus plus CS6105
Culture and Psychology
Discrete Mathematics

Data Communications and Networking 1
Data Communications and Networking 2
Data Communications and Networking 3
Data Communications and Networking 4
Data Structures and Algorithms
Database Management System 1
Dtabasse Management System 2
Digital Imaging
DIPL-IT5309 Introduction to Multimedia
DIRR-112 WEEK 1-9
Disciplines and Ideas in the Social Sciences
Discrete Mathematics
Discrete Structures 1
EAPP-English for Academic and Professional Purposes
Electronic Devices and Circuits
ENGL6100 - Purposive Communication
Ethics ETHNS6101 Euthenics 1
Euthenics 2
Financial Accounting and Reporting
Fundamentals of Database System
GE6101 - Readings in Philippine History
GE6102 - The Contemporary World
GE6106 - Purposive Communication
GE6107 - Ethics (BSIT and BSCS Only)
General Math Grade 11
GMAT111 - General Mathematics
Grade 11 and 12
ICT 2123 Visual Graphic Design Week 11-20
Income Taxation
Information Assurance & Security 1
Information Assurance & Security 2
Information Management
Integrative Program & Tech.1
Intermediate Accounting 1
Intermediate Accounting 3
International Business and Trade
International Marketing
Internet Marketing and Entrepreneurship
Intro to Finance for Hospitality Management
Introduction to Cybersecurity (Cisco)
Introduction to Human Computer Interaction/ Human Computer Interaction
Introduction to Information Systems
Introduction to Packet Tracer - PT Basics Quiz
Introduction to Packet Tracer - PT IoT Basics Quiz
Introduction to Psychology
IT Application Tools in Business
IT Practicum
IT6209 Introduction to Multimedia
Kritikal na Pagbasa Pagsulat at Pagsasalita
Life and Works of Jose Rizal
Load Testing
Macroeconomics Theory and Practice
Management Information Systems
Marketing Management
MATH6200 Data Analysis
National Service Training Program 1
NCII NSCI6100 Calculus-Based Physics 1
NSCI6101 Calculus-Based Physics 2
NSTP6102 National Service Training Program 2
Object-Oriented Programming
Philippine Literature
Personal Finance
Philosophy of Man with Logic and Critical Thinking
PHYED-6101 Physical Fitness
PHYED6103 Individual/Dual Sports
Physical Education and Health G11A
Physiological Psychology
Pricing Strategy and Tactics
Principles of Operating Systems and its Applications
Product Management
Professional Ethics and Values
Project Management and Quality Systems
Quantitative Methods
Reading and Writing (ENGL-112)
Regulatory Framework and Legal Issues in Business
Retail Management 
RSCH -110 - Practical Research 1
Sales Agency Labor and Commercial Laws
Science Technology and Society (STS)
Social and Professional Issues
Software Engineering 1
Software Engineering 2
Statistical Analysis with Software Application
Statistics and Probability
Statistics and Probability (STAT-112)
Strategic Cost Management
Strategic Management
Switching Routing and Wireless Essentials v7.02 (SRWE)
System Administration and Maintenance
System Administration and Maintenace
System Analysis and Design (PL/SQL Prog)
System Integration and Architecture 1
Teacher and the School Curriculum
The Contemporary World
Thesis Writing 1
Tour Guiding
Tourism and Hospitality Service Quality Management
Unified Functional Testing
Web Application Development 1
Web Application Development 2
Web Design
Web-Enhanced Animation Graphics
Web System Technologies
XML-Based Web Applications